4 Easy Hacks To Make Kids Love Reading


Reading is an essential activity that helps kids to learn. Through books and reading, children can gain knowledge and discover things that they are not familiar with. Kids would be able to go to places that they never knew existed. Dubai British curriculum schools emphasize the importance of reading to students.

But reading should not only be done in school. In fact, primary schools in Dubai encourage parents to teach their kids to read before they start schooling. If you are keen about teaching your kids to read and get them interested to books, here are some things that might be able to help you:

·        Buy age-appropriate books

When you want your kids to get inspired to read, the first thing that you need to do is to stock books in your home. But do not just but any books, be sure that the reading materials that you will purchase are appropriate to their age. For instance, if your kids are toddlers, you need to get books that are more visual. At this age, there do not have the capacity to read words and phrases.

·        Be a book-lover as well

If you are not a book lover, you might want to start reading now. Kids tend to emulate what their guardians do. If your kids do not see you reading, they think it is okay not to do it. It would be best that you start immediately so they can see it. But do not do it for the act. Your kids need to see the sincerity in your actions so they would believe it once they see it.

·        Make reading fun

Some kids think that reading is no fun, and more like a chore. They would rather play with their friends, watch TV, or spend their time with their devices. To keep them interested in reading, the trick here is to make it a fun activity. Read with your kids and tell the story in a way that would wow them. Some parents go as far as acting out the words and phrases to catch the attention of their kids.

·        Do not pressure them to read

Sometimes, when kids are pressured to do things, it is more likely that they will not do it. Try to take it easy. Instead, try to be creative in coxing them to read. You might want to reward them with every book that they will finish but do not overdo it.