Latex Foam Mattress for Comfortable Sleep


When time comes to purchase a new bedroom set especially a bed we think of many different options to select a mattress to get comfy, soft and supportive surface to sleep and relax. In the market there is enormous variety of mattresses available claiming best for your pocket, offering warranty of lifetime, and resolution of all your sleep problems, but what if these claims are just marketing strategies to gather maximum customers and increase only market profit sharing. The latex foam mattress can be a good option for the people who suffer from severe back pain.


Mattress is nothing but a best comfy smooth and bouncy surface giving you ultimate relaxation. Latex foam mattress is a natural rubber extracted from rubber trees which are heavily cultivated in Sri Lanka and North America after finding its effectiveness and usefulness in the rubber industry.


Most of the time, cheaper products are less durable after very limited use so we go for expensive products with the image of higher product quality and insurance to durability. Synthetic form of mattresses claims high range of solutions and lowest to higher price range for all types of customers.


Memory foam is created by polyurethane which is an industrial chemical to form synthetic plastic and rubber. Depending on layers and chemical intensity it reflects pressure.


Latex foam has three different material types:


  1. Natural Latex
  2. Synthetic Latex
  3. Blended Latex


Natural Latex foam is natural rubber which is more elastic, bouncy and dense by nature. It is quite resistant to bacteria, dust and allergies. It is environment friendly due to reprocessing properties. Only one drawback appended with it is its higher prices due to its limited availability and resources.


There are different methods to produce latex, commonly there are two type

  1. Dunlop process
  2. Talalay process.


In Dunlop process, the mixtures poured into a mold as one absolute pour. It is a time consuming process for foam to get a settled properly resultant the foam feels hard from bottom and soft towards the surface.

In Talalay process, the mixture is poured into a mold partially than filled with compressed air to create some vacuum. The expanded latex is less dense less durable but more dependable in experience.


Dubai is a big metropolitan and is one of the top trading places in the world so people are always busy in their works and generating money for leading a good quality of life. After struggling all day long, the peace can be found in your bed. So if you are looking for best comfortable sleeping mattress, read more and find your ultimate solution.