Important Pointers When Moving During The Holidays

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The Holidays is definitely one of the craziest and busiest time of the year. With people are trying to prepare for the Holiday rush, there are some people and families who are planning to move to during this crazy times.

If you are scheduled to relocate this coming Holiday, be sure to try this list of pointers, so you will be able to make the Holiday move a little less stressful:

  • Plan accordingly


Every relocation or move needs to be planned accordingly, whether you are doing it during the Holidays or not. A moving plan can help you sort things out and make settling even easier. Talk to your family and plan the move with them. You can start by making a rough draft schedule of the move and what are the activities involved on each schedule. Be sure to delegate tasks to each family member so you can keep up with the schedule. Since this is a Holiday, the timeframe is tight, so be sure to squeeze in as many activities as you can in the schedule.


  • Secure your new place


One of the mistakes that homeowners forget is to secure their new place, leaving them homeless and wandering during the Holidays. Be sure that your new residence is ready upon your arrival. Weeks before the scheduled move, contact the property specialist and ask him if there are some things that needs to be settled in your new home. If there are fixes and renovations that need to be done, be sure to schedule it for repairs. Your new home should be ready upon your arrival.


  • Work professional movers


If this is a rush move, it is imperative that you contact professional movers to help you. The ideal window for scouting a moving company and furniture storage in Dubai is at least two weeks. Be sure that you are able to close the deal with these service providers on that time frame to ensure that there will be helping hand to assist on your Holiday move.

  • Know what services would be available


Since it is the Holidays, there will be services that will not be available for your heed and call. Be prepared for this eventuality. You can ask your property specialists in advance if he will be available to meet you on your scheduled arrival to turn over the property or if you have to do it in advance. Same goes with the movers. Ask them if they have people who will be working on the schedule you prefer or you have to make adjustments on your end.