Crucial Questions You Need To Tackle Before Upgrading Your Office Phone System

Technical Services

Your office phone system is an important connectivity tool that helps your daily operations. Internally, it assists the smooth flow of communication amongst employees and departments. Externally, it allows you to connect with potential clients and business partners.

Given its importance, you need to ensure that your system is functioning to serve its purpose, this includes performing upgrades on the system. But it is not that easy. You need to take into consideration various factors and answer the following questions before you contact your provider of PABX system in Dubai

  1. What are your requirements?


The first order of business when doing an upgrade is knowing your requirements in terms of the PABX system. Your old requirements might not be able to address the current concerns that you have. You need to sit down with your IT and communications team and identify the issues they are experiencing with the phone system. Also, you need to ask them for the changes in policies they would like to implement. Upgrading the policies would mean that your system should follow suit.


  1. What are the features that you are looking for?


Given the list of requirements that you have, you can now list the features that you want in a phone system to address those requirements. Do you want to go mobile? What are the screening features that you need? Listing the features that you are looking for would help you to narrow down vendors and providers of PABX systems. Shop for a couple of quotes and compare rates and lines of products.


  1. How will the upgrade go?


Once you get to choose your PABX provider, the next step is to determine a plan of action in terms of the upgrade. Ask your provider what their plans of action are in terms of the upgrade. You need to know how they are going to go about the upgrade and how long it has to take? This can potentially hamper your operations. You need to know their plan of action so you can make appropriate adjustments to your business operations and allot time for the provider to do the upgrade.


  1. How much is the overall cost?


Knowing how much the upgrade will cost is necessary. If you are not limited by your budget, you can go all the way with the upgrade. But if there are budget concerns, you may need to do the upgrade in phases.

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