Hamster Kombat
Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a game based airdrop where, game was launched on march 25 and till now there are more then 240m+ gamers. Hamster Kombat got huge success in short period of time. It is completely tapping based game where user can mine coin by tapping on screen as well there are additional task that must be performed by players, where player have to increase there levels there are all together 11 levels as well Player of hamster are treated as CEO of a company where they have to upgrade the different cards to increase the profit per hour of a company!

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How to increase the Profit Per Hour?

As, mentioned before you(players) are treated as CEO in the game so as becoming CEO you have to full fill the role of it like how CEO handle the company? How to increase the profit? How to handle the money? and so on. You just have to think practically for utilization of the coin balance you have to click “MINE” button which you can see in bottom navigation bar where you just have to utilize you funds means coins where you can specifically invest your free coin on 5 different categories which are PR& Teams, Markets, Legal Web3 & Special by spending the coins on mention section you can maximize your profit per hour.

How to increase the coins?

There are 4 different ways to increase coins easily:

  • Profit Per Hour – By upgrading the cards players can maximize the profit per hour and the more profit per hour the more you receive coins.
  • Daily combo – Hamster Kombat release daily combo mission where player have to identify three different cards so the player will rewarded as 5,000,000 coins and in every 24 hour the combo card get changed.
  • Daily Cipher Code – As same like combo hamster release daily cipher code where user have to find mentioned word and then player get rewarded 1,000,000 coins and it also refreshes at every 24 hour.
    Rule for cipher code : Tap for DOT(.)and Hold 3 sec for DASH (-)
  • Daily mission and Youtube Task – Hamster provide 6,000,000+ coins on daily login mission and every new video released on Youtube by watching it user can receive 100,000 coins.

When Hamster Kombat will get launched?

Last month lots of user were expecting it will get launched in July month because through social media Hamster was giving lots of hints but recently they announced new level which is creators and they clearly mentioned in telegram it will be last level of hamster and further there is no any chances new levels and to rich on creator level user must have 18 billions+ coin balance which is in very huge amount and till now there are less then 10 people on that level so, still there is time to maximize the profit per hour for both new and old users of hamster. As according to insider news, “Hamster Kombat can get launched on end of august month” but lots of other believe that it can launched on end of this month but there is very few chances so it can take up to august month.

How to identify Hamster Kombat Daily Combo cards and Cipher Code?

It is very easy to get hamster combo and cipher code because of its popularity there are lots of hamster fan pages and accounts in social media they are updating hamster kombat daily combo and cipher code updates as well you can follow this telegram too for daily combo and cipher code : Telegram

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