5 Types of Baby Feeding Bottles

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The baby bottles come with many different types of feeding bottles that are adjustable with your baby’s daily feeding needs.

When choosing the right feeding baby bottle for your baby, it’s better to see all the aspects and the features that these bottles offer to the babies and the parents so that your baby doesn’t have to suffer from any inconvenience in the future. Apart from that, you should also invest in an Avent bottle warmer.

Whether you’re buying online or in-stores, you always get to see a variety of bottles that are available in the market. As a mother, it gets tough sometimes to choose the best bottle for your baby according to their needs.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of 5 types of feeding baby bottles to help you understand more about choosing the right bottle for your baby.

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1. Standard Bottles

As the name suggests, they are basic baby bottles with all the standard features as they aren’t expensive and could be found in any store. You can easily choose the color and the design as they come with a variety of options too.

2. Disposable Bottles

They are available for one-time use only as they are already sterilized and don’t require cleaning up after the mess. They are used in specific situations when you are either traveling or want to save your time.

3. Anti-Colic Bottles

They are rare and needs proper medical attention before buying one. They help in reducing abdominal pain resulting through indigestion or gas as they prevent the air from getting inside the bottle. They usually have air vents and tubes to help the baby from swallowing air inside the body. However, they are slightly difficult to clean.

4. Angle Neck Bottles

These bottles are designed to prevent the baby from swallowing air too as they usually have a straight shape but with a bending angle near the neck of the bottle so that the baby could be fed from a good angle. Make sure to ask a doctor first before buying one for your baby.

5. Vented Bottles

These bottles have a proper ventilation system as they keep all the air at the back of the bottle through an anti-vacuum chamber that is stored at the base of the nipple. It limits the air flow to one-way only enabling the smooth delivery of liquid to the baby.